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Who says women can’t slay dragons? Who says we can’t ride in on a big white horse to rescue someone (and look damn good doing it too!)? Who says we can’t have grand, exciting, scary challenging adventures in the company of our fellow knights?
In our Secret Society kick-ass women band together to support each other, learn from each other and grow together through quests, jousts and roundtables….part training, part masterminding, part life coaching, part online gaming – all fun!
We only accept kick-ass women and we expect participation and results. Up for the challenge?

What makes us different?

  Ever find yourself join a networking group only to find that other women just aren't at your level and you end up giving a lot more than you get? Our robust and challenging application and acceptance assure you that you will be in the company of truly kick-ass women.
  Ever find yourself questioning whether you are really growing or moving forward? Our premium members get access to results-focused gamification within Camelot (games, points, badges, levels and leader-boards) you can track your skill development and the progress towards your goals every step of the way.
  Ever find yourself in a networking group that ends up feeling a lot like a trip back in to the hellish social world of high-school? Our Code of Chivalry guides every interaction on our platform - no wicked witches or evil step-mothers here.
  Ever find yourself join a networking group and end up feeling completely lost and don't know what to do? Our premium members get a results focused step-by-step guide for what they should do with their 15, 30 or 45 available minutes.
There's lots more within the walls of Camelot - will you join us in the adventure?

The Galahad's Mission:

To create financially successful, self-fulfilled, powerful and generous women entrepreneurs through mastermind, mentorship and adventure.