A Camelot secret feature.
You earn 'em you get 'em. Earn your badges and rise through the levels of knighthood until you reach the legendary "Master Of The Order" status and join an elite group of the most kick-ass women out there.


Our kick-ass online gaming and adventure platform. Camelot is packed with useful software, tools and guidelines all with the focus on creating courageous, generous, connected women who can rock the new economy. Sorry but some of the areas and features of Camelot are so secret only our accepted Galahad's can enter. Guess you'll just have to apply to find out!

*Chivalry Points

The New Economy demands a new set of skill-sets and dictates a new set of rules to live by. Within the walls of Camelot we expect you to learn, practice and live by our Code Of Chivalry and earn a minimum amount of monthly Chivalry Points. We make it fun though. Join the adventure and play with us a you will quickly master the "How" of success in the connection economy. You will be unstoppable.


Emotional dragons, confidence dragons, blocking dragons, relationship dragons...We've all got them. We teach you how to slay them. And sometimes other Galahads will just go ahead and slay them for you.

*The Hearth

A Camelot secret feature.
Gather around a huge roaring fire in the Great Hall of Camelot with the rest of the Galahads. There's lots to talk about!

*Largesse Board

A Camelot secret feature.
Prove your largesse. Give, give, give - it all comes back around in the end. Generosity is the path to success. Plus it just plain feels good.


A Camelot secret feature.
Embark on a quest, we guide you, you get results, you're kick-ass.

The Scroll

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" All the news that's fit to print.

Social Fest

A Camelot secret feature.
Spread the word and spread it fast, through the power of a collected group of kick-ass women!

*Premium Benefit
**Premium Plus Benefit


Call to Rally

A Camelot secret feature.
Let's just say if you want an army to rally around you - we will give you one!


A Galahad seeks excellence in all endeavors expected of a kick-ass woman. She is constantly learning, growing and seeking strength; this to be used in the service of other women, rather than in personal aggrandizement.

*Camelot Connections

A Camelot secret feature.
Learn to network like a hunter instead of a gatherer - use our Camelot software to build yourself a roundtable of power-women.

Code Of Chivalry

In this new world anyone can find out "what" to do to reach a goal. You carry that capability around in your pocket. A few clicks and you can find the steps to take to get anything done. What is becoming more and more important is the "How". It's the "How" that will define your success and make you, your business, your life... truly remarkable. Within the walls of Camelot all of our Galahads pledge learn, practice and live by the Code Of Chivalry. The Code Of Chivalry includes all of the "How" skills that make a Galahad an extremely dangerous force to be reckoned with.
Don't you want to be a force to be reckoned with?

Galahad Profile

Join us and you get two. A public one that tells the world you are a Galahad and shows exactly how kick-ass you are. A private one, accessible by other Galahads only, that includes all the secrets of Camelot.


A Camelot secret feature.
Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Want results - join a joust and prove your prowess.

Master Of The Order

The highest level of knighthood granted to a Galahad. This coveted and powerful title is invitation only.


A Camelot secret feature.
Find your tribe. Hunker down and mastermind with your custom selected and matched Galahad "peeps" and get things done with our unique program that blends the mastermind concept with elements of life coaching.

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