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An Assistant Professor of Marketing at St. John's University in New York, my research interests center on understanding the development of identity, wisdom and discernment among women in a rapidly changing consumption-driven culture. I am particularly interested in how our life stories and personal narratives impact cultural myths and conventional wisdom (and vice versa). Academia is a second career for me. The first involved 17 years in corporate and agency PR and marketing communication for professional services, tech, energy and financial services firms. In addition to my teaching and research-related work, I write and speak on a variety of topics related to personal development, spirituality and calling. In 2011, Simon and Schuster published my first book, a memoir titled Flirting with Faith, that has opened doors for me to facilitate writing retreats at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, New York and elsewhere. I am married to the brilliant and talented Martin Dominguez Ball and mother to Andrew (23), Kelsey (22) and Ian (14).

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Life Coaching, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Public Speaking, Life Transitions, Career Path Coach, Leadership Coaching, Mentorship, Guest Posting, Branding, Publishing, PR, Stories, Blogging, Academic Writing, Book, Op-eds, Moderating,


Joan Ball is 110% kickass--A few months ago, she shared with me her research on identity and culture of Gen Y women and is doing some important research on the next generation of women! A true Galahad!

2012.06.28 01:15 PM