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Location-Independent Entrepreneur & Certified Life Coach, Galahad, Wife, Mum, & Adventurer. Co-Founder of Galahads - The Secret Society for Kick-Ass Women. Founder & CEO of Emily Rose Doll Clothes and Wish Doll Company. Founder & CEO of Laptop Life Lisa. Finding the revenue and results inside every entrepreneur.   Mum of a rocking 14 year-old daughter visit her at TheOneAndOnlyEmTV.  Lucky wife of her soul-mate and fellow adventurer, Mark.  Traveling the world while running four businesses and raising a teenager. Journey from the last 6 weeks? Bahamas to Scotland to England to France to Switzerland, currently hanging in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy. @LaptopLifeLisa

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Time Management, Life Coaching, Life Transitions, Location Independence, Passive Income, Wealth Management, Online Communities, SEO, Blog Marketing, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Keyword Research, Facebook, Branding, Business Process, Systems Development, Outsourcing, Customer Service, Customer Retention, Customer Acquisition, CRM, Customer Engagement, Copy Editing, Blogging,


Lisa-Marie is the hands-own ultimate Galahad. If you want to learn how to get things done & build your dream life, she is the real deal. Check out her skills and her Tough Love Coaching if you are interested!

2012.06.24 03:10 PM
Lisa-Marie has been a boss, a mentor, and a friend to me... and to be quite honest, she is by far the most kick-ass woman I know!!!
2012.07.23 03:14 AM