Red Slice Branding Boot Camp – It’s Kick-Ass!

In case you didn’t notice we take branding very seriously over here at The Galahads. A strong, compelling brand that calls out to your tribe across the non-stop noise of marketing messages can mean the difference between business success and failure.

We are thrilled to have Maria Ross as a Master Of The Order and she just happens to be a kick-ass branding expert. We would highly recommend that you consider joining Maria’s Red Slice Branding Boot Camp.

It’s 4 weeks of strategy, advice, exercises and tough-love for both existing businesses and businesses yet to be launched.

The bootcamp ensures a strong brand strategy foundation for more compelling messaging, smarter marketing decisions and attracting rabid fans to your business.

The boot camp is limited to 8 people so you can be assured you will get some very personalized attention as well as the Roundtable like benefits of such a small group. Jump on the Early Bird offer of $100 off until July 31 with code EARLYBIRD

Want to hear what other folks thought about this amazing experience?

“Take this boot camp, even if you’ve done a dozen branding workshops and think you’ve got it down. Take four weeks to do the work and get clear. Yeah, you are too busy, so am I; conversely, do you really want to run headlong into marketing your business without figuring out what you’re all about? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.” – Ti Locke, Barking Rain Press

“I highly recommend this class – even though at times I wanted to strangle Maria (mostly because she is so right on and calls me out when I am being lazy or un-inspiring) If you really want to get your branding done right, take the class and do the work, you will be glad you did.” Diane Easley, Life Transformation.

**The Galahads is dedicated to providing our members with solid, results focused training and offers that we believe will strengthen your armor and add to your armory. You won’t find affiliate links here – we promote content for member benefit only.


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  • Maria Ross

    Thanks Lisa-Marie! I’d be thrilled to welcome fellow Galahads to join me on this 4 week adventure to getting psyched about your business – and more importantly, getting future clients/customers psyched about it as well.