I Have A Confession

The Quiet Mind Susan Piver

I have a confession to make.  Please don’t judge.

I can’t meditate.
Do you have any idea how much this fact stresses me out?  All I can think about is how I should be meditating to deal with the stress of not being able to meditate.
Believe me I have tried.  As an avid yoga practitioner since high school I very clearly understand the benefits.  Have you ever seen Susan Piver speak?  I sat at a conference once and watched her calm, centered, glowing beauty and thought… why can’t that be me?!!!  The benefits of meditation just ooze out of Susan’s presence.  I very optimistically grabbed her book and swore to myself that this was it.  I was going to go through every one of the guided mediations in that book and I was going to be just like her.  I read the first chapter (her own contribution) and absolutely loved it.  I sat down with every intention of doing the first guided meditation practice every day for a week, got frustrated after 2 minutes of sitting there not doing anything and that was it.
Not that I’m giving up or anything.  Each member of my family was permitted one carry-on suitcase for this year-long European arm of our life’s adventure, and I used a piece of that valuable space for Susan’s Book.  It’s sitting on my bedside table in my Italian bedroom as we speak.
So I decide I needed baby-steps.  I have found a way of easing myself in to the very scary, being in the moment stillness of meditation.  It is a simple little exercise that takes just a few minutes that I have committed to making a daily practice.
*Photo by me…proof that Susan’s book is with me still.


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  • http://thegalahads.com/members/michellefernandez-marino/ Michelle Fernandez-Marino

    Meditation stresses me too because I want to love it. When I try to calm my mind, the feelings of guilt for letting my to-do list fall to the waste-side emerge. I dream of the perfect zen life… but I’m going to take your advice and take baby steps!

  • Tracy

    I have the secret for you that Susan may not have mentioned… it takes YEARS to get a proper meditation practice going. I have been going to a meditation center near where I live for 3 years or so. I still struggle with meditation. I am a mom. The needs of others come first. But I promise you that when I meditate regularly, my kids see the difference and like it! Just keep trying. Work up to five minutes, then ten, then fifteen… it will take time, it doesn’t happen over night. My meditation guru has some enlightening things on this page http://sos.org/page/the-art-of-meditation.html and here http://sos.org/faq/faq/index/id/11.html. I hope this helps in some small way. :D

    • http://thegalahads.com/members/lisacabrelli/ Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

      Thanks Tracy so pleased to see you here! Love the advice :-)