The Power Of Networks…


It’s lonely outside the high, secure walls of Camelot. Before you were inside you would sometimes find yourself in the marketplace, surrounded by hundreds of busy, self-absorbed people. You would watch them rushing around with urgent, frantic purpose and assume they were on something that you just didn’t understand. Occasionally you would feel brave enough to reach out to someone, only to be turned upon with a cold, haughty shrug of dismissal.

Sometimes you would find yourself in the forest, hearing only the songs of the birds and the soft crunch of your footsteps over the untraveled path. Sometimes you were lost – and there wasn’t soul around who could guide you through the dark, suffocating trees. Inside the walls of Camelot you are surrounded by Galahads all working on the same Mission – to create a community of generous, powerful, self-fulfilled and financially successful women entrepreneurs.

When you are accepted in to the order and welcomed in to Camelot you get a strong, kick-ass, courageous identity, you ARE a Galahad.

Inside the walls of Camelot every person on whose shoulder you tap will turn to you with a generous smile.  If you need a map to guide you through the dark forest – another Galahad will help you create one, or even journey with you. How do we know?  Because when you become a Galahad you sign our Code of Chivalry.  Every month you are a member you must achieve a minimum number of Chivalry Points.  This is no huge, unattainable commitment just basic common courtesy… anything beyond that is up to you.

We provide tools to make it easy for you to find the right Galahad to help and know immediately if that person is available to help at that time.  As a Galahad you decide how generous to be with your time and assistance once your minimum Chivalry Point requirement is met. We understand that entrepreneurs are busy.  But without supporting each other we will never clear that path through the forest for our Daughters.  Where would the “Old Boy’s Network” be without the Masons?

Join the “Old Gal’s Network” of the future.  Become a Galahad.


(find out more about the Galahad’s Code Of Chivalry)


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Location-Independent Entrepreneur & Certified Life Coach, Galahad, Wife, Mum, & Adventurer. Co-Founder of Galahads - The Secret Society for Kick-Ass Women. Founder & CEO of Emily Rose Doll Clothes and Wish Doll Company. Founder & CEO of Laptop Life Lisa. Finding the revenue and results inside every entrepreneur.   Mum of a rocking 14 year-old daughter visit her at TheOneAndOnlyEmTV.  Lucky wife of her soul-mate and fellow adventurer, Mark.  Traveling the world while running four businesses and raising a teenager. Journey from the last 6 weeks? Bahamas to Scotland to England to France to Switzerland, currently hanging in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy. @LaptopLifeLisa

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