Name Your Dreams – Make Them Adventures


Here in Camelot we understand the power of naming things.  After all the core driver of all roundtable sessions is the Naming of the Dragon you must battle and the Treasure which you seek.  We gave all of you the name “Galahad” because earning that name gives you an instant identity.  An identity that grants power, courage and strength.  The entire Find Your True Self quest is really a process of naming things – naming your successes, naming your failures, naming your skills and strengths.

I was thrilled today when I came across this article: Naming Your Dreams.  As part of your True Self Profile we ask you to name your goals for the future.  We guide you through the steps to make them SMART goals and we give you some fun and useful tools to declare them and manage them through the My True Self Profile feature in Camelot.  We forgot something.  We forgot to tell you to name them.  Sure you have named them you have written them down but you have given them real Galahad worthy kick-ass names.  As Betsy from Married With Luggage says…

“If you can give your goal a name, you make it easier to manage yourself as well as for others to step in and help, offer guidance, and make it better or easier than you could on your own.”

I think there is something else too though.  When you name your goal you make it more than a goal, you make it an adventure.  And that’s what being a Galahad is all about.

So I’ll start.  Here are my “goals”

  • Build a community of generous, courageous financially successful women and pump fuel in to the success of women entrepreneurs worldwide. Have 1,000 Galahads by 2015.
  • Write a romance novel by end of 2012, get it published by 2014.
  • Be a speaker at 5 major conferences during 2013/2014
  • Help my personal coaching clients generate $10M in annual revenue combined in 2013

And here are my adventures

  • The Gradual Gathering Of The Kick-Ass Troops
  • Year Of Steam
  • The Stand, Share, Change Project
  • Delivering Freedom in 2013

Share your named adventures with other kick-ass women in the comments below


(find out more about the Galahad’s Code Of Chivalry)
Faith — Have faith that you have the power and the skill to live grand adventures instead of just dreaming dreams
Courage — Have the courage to think beyond what others expect of you. Create grand adventures
Franchise — Share your named adventures with other kick-ass women in the comments below.


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Location-Independent Entrepreneur & Certified Life Coach, Galahad, Wife, Mum, & Adventurer. Co-Founder of Galahads - The Secret Society for Kick-Ass Women. Founder & CEO of Emily Rose Doll Clothes and Wish Doll Company. Founder & CEO of Laptop Life Lisa. Finding the revenue and results inside every entrepreneur.   Mum of a rocking 14 year-old daughter visit her at TheOneAndOnlyEmTV.  Lucky wife of her soul-mate and fellow adventurer, Mark.  Traveling the world while running four businesses and raising a teenager. Journey from the last 6 weeks? Bahamas to Scotland to England to France to Switzerland, currently hanging in Borgo Val di Taro, Italy. @LaptopLifeLisa

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  • Michelle Fernandez-Marino

    Great post. Here are my adventures:
    - The Clutter Conquest
    - Slaying the Stress
    - The Calendar Commander
    - The Education Enthusiast

    • Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

      Love them Michelle!!