See The World Through Eyes Of Love

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Here’s a great story from Christine Hassler – one of our kick-ass Masters Of The Order.

It actually continues on with the theme of practicing Largesse – one of the tenets of our Code Of Chivalry. If Galahads strive to live by the Code Of Chivalry they can make a difference in the world.

So a tip to add to the ways to practice largesse – “see the world through eyes of love and not through eyes of judgement.” (Christine Hassler)


Be generous in your thinking and let that thinking inform your actions.  Be aware that you will never understand fully what is going on in someone else’s life.

Did another person decline your request for help in a way that made you feel bad?  Perhaps they have just had the busiest most hectic week of their life… don’t judge.

Does it seem as though a friend’s business is growing leaps and bounds ahead of yours?  Perhaps they ran in to a streak of luck, or got some unexpected funding… don’t judge.

Did a guy you know just leave his wife suddenly?  Perhaps they have been problems for years that he has been trying to work on… don’t judge.

Be the person who smiles at that nasty rejection, cheers at a friend’s success, reaches out to a friend going through a difficult situation.  No judgement -just love.  As Christine says, loving yourself is vital and you will love yourself more when you practice largesse.





(find out more about the Galahad’s Code Of Chivalry)
Humility — Don't assume that you are superior to others simply because of your accomplishments. Humbly reach out to everyone regardless of their current circumstances
Largesse — Don't Judge
Franchise — Share with other Galahad's in the comments below - when have eyes of love served you?


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  • Debbie Nguyen

    Loving yourself and having compassion for yourself is the first piece of the puzzle, yet those things can seem so difficult to attain. It’s a great thing that practice can indeed make perfect. When you learn to love yourself and accept the blessing that you are, you begin to see love in everything around you and in everything you do.

  • Michelle Fernandez-Marino

    Great post. Such a simple and great lesson for my daughter… “don’t judge”.